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Steve and Alison - Welcome to 4WDAus

Welcome to 4WDAUS, a trove of journals and photographs.

Steve Kruger and Alison Kruger, with their expedition vehicle 4WDAUS, have an incredible life as they travel full time across this incredible country of Australia. Throughout the site you will see a wide variety of quality photographs. These are accompanied by short stories of two travel hardened, modern day adventurers, who love to travel and meet people. You may even find a photo of yourself in there! Your online experience starts with our pioneering web page “Walkabout” from 2006, when the term blog was a new addition to the dictionary. In later years the round Australia trip theme continues with “Justabout 2015“, “Turnabout 2016“, “Roundabout 2017“,  “Knockabout 2018” , “Whirlabout 2019” and this year “2020 – WOW“.

4WDAus signpost to outbackIn more recent times our travels have taken us across the Nullarbor, into the Victorian High Country and Australia’s East and West coasts where we have taken some amazing photographs and met some wonderful people. We have stood where atomic bombs were exploded, travelled roads built by the famous Australian Len Beadell and captured some of Australia’s greatest icons like the Pinnacles, Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Opera House and Uluru (Ayers Rock).

So please enjoy our adventures of travelling this incredibly exciting planet. And if by chance you see us on the road, give us a wave and say hi, we would love to meet you!

Steve and Alison

Current Expedition


7 - 24 Dec 2020 Today we said goodbye to our little unit in Rainbow Beach, sold, new owners get access to it today. We are positive and it...

North to the Gulf

16 Sept 2020 After a great nights sleep we departed Cornish Creek north east from Muttaburra. We decided to have a look at Forest Den...

Time to See Queensland

3 Sept 2020 One of the states we have not really given the time it deserves is Queensland. With the borders firmly shut to NSW and NT,...

Previous Expeditions

Lake Bethungra / Bundidgerry Creek

Day 14 - 17 March 2015 Well after 2 weeks on the road, we finally turned right at Sydney and started heading west. After topping up the...

Bairds Bay – Baby Its Cold Outside

Day 53 – 25 April 2015 Rest day besides Bairds Bay. Rain every 20 minutes lasting for 3 or 4 minutes, with a strong cold wind. Brrrr…but...


WA's Wildflowers 15 September 2016 Early start today as we headed further south. Came across a cool breakaway only 20kms into the journey...

Miscellaneous Blog

AMESZ 2010 Mitsubishi Canter FG84D 4.9l Turbo Diesel 4WD ****SOLD****

Hi All We have just heard of AMESZ built motorhome currently for sale. This motorhome is unique as its not your standard white Amesz...

Amesz 4×4 Dreaming

The Dream Begins In November 2011, Steve and Alison Kruger proudly took delivery of a new (slightly used) Mitsubishi Canter FG649 4x4...

Outback Magazine – Our first Published Photo

Thanks Outback Magazine for giving us our First Published Photo