Steve Kruger and Alison Kruger, with their expedition vehicle 4WDAUS, have an incredible life as they travel full time across this incredible country of Australia. Throughout our site, you will see a wide variety of amazing locations and quality images. These are accompanied by short stories of two travel hardened, modern-day adventurers, who love to travel and meet people.

Tripping Since 2006

 Your online experience starts with our pioneering web page “Walkabout” from 2006 when the term blog was a new addition to the dictionary. In later years the round Australia trip theme continues. In later years we have also started travelling around Thailand experiencing the food and the beautiful country.

Latest Adventure Post

Cervantes CWA – Fundraiser Cancer Council

9 July 2022 - Cervantes The sound of kettles boiling and the smells of the CWA baking welcomed the visitors to today's Cervantes CWA morning tea. The morning tea was part of Australia's Biggest...

Great Time in Northern Territory

2 June 2022 We decided today we would wait another day for the road to dry out a little more before travelling from Santa Teresa to Alice Springs. There was a lot of rain today, but by afternoon it...

Finke Desert Race 2022 The Finish

Finke Desert Race Photo 2022

Finke Desert Race 2022 Day 1

Finke Desert Race Photo 2022

Finke Desert Race Prologue 2022

Finke Desert Race Photo 2022 Prologue

Steve and Alison

We started our first outback travel together in 1999 when we travelled from Brisbane to Uluru via the Simpson Desert. It was here we discovered a common love for just getting away from it all, and what this amazing country has to offer. Back in 1999, we travelled with the bare necessities, sleeping in the back of our Nissan Patrol GQ on a mattress. As we have become a little older we decided to take our comfort with us so we could travel for longer periods and more adverse weather conditions, and hence upgraded firstly to a rooftop tent, and subsequently to our beloved Amesz expedition vehicle nicknamed 4WDAUS.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Our website has the unique gift of taking us back in time, freezing a moment as it was and as we were. As we get older, our memory is becoming a fickle thing, it’s subject to time and perception and our complicated experiences. Our website and photos are just that – a kodak moment of a world, frozen in place and our webpage is our time machine.

While we travel, our constant companions are our cameras, which we treasure as they capture life as we move from one scene to another. It sees rusty cars, old homes, glowing sunsets, candid moments and action, and so much more.

When we look back at those photos, it has preserved moments as they were. They also evoke feelings we’ve long forgotten, like the sound of the rain or the smell of a desert flower. Our photos on our website are contained in time, just as they were, even as everything around us changes. They remain ever the same.

Say “Cheese” and smile as we continue our travels taking just one more photo.”

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